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Grace’s Team and Services


  •  Kim Markison has assisted me for over 4 years with all the details of over 100 real estate transactions, and counting. She assists me with all your real estate needs, and works exclusively with me to support you as you go through your transaction. Kim is a third generation East Bay resident with a BA in history from U.C. Berkeley. She was a licensed Real Estate Broker and Realtor® in Oregon from 2009 to 2011, and a licensed Realtor® in California from 2011 to the present. Our goal is to align with your goals so that your experience is the very best!


  • When I take a new listing or help a buyer get into escrow, the Transaction Department at Red Oak Realty helps to coordinate the transaction from the initial listing agreement or contract acceptance to close of escrow.  The Transaction Department works with me to assure that all documentation is received and all deadlines are met in accordance with the California Department of Real Estate. A representative from the department will contact you as soon as we get into escrow to introduce herself and give you her contact details.  Throughout escrow this same person will contact you directly to inform you of any outstanding documentation that is needed as well as ensure that the other side is performing as necessary.  At the end of the transaction, you will receive a complete copy of the file on a CD.  The Transaction Department is an important step in providing you with a smooth experience.


  • My staff of highly creative and intellectual individuals produces the advertising materials used to market your home for sale. The world has moved online, and a strong web presence is imperative to create the best first impression to potential buyers perusing homes on the web.  Utilizing the talents of a local, outstanding professional photographer, I will hire only the best to showcase your home beautifully. My marketing team is also responsible for our media and public relations presence while utilizing the most effective technological and print resources to market your property for a successful sale.


  • Red Oak Realty is one of the few real estate companies with a Transaction Department, and taking it one step further is our online transaction file management system, Skyslope. With Skyslope, your escrow will be complete with an efficient and completely paperless process, from listing to closing. As an additional service to my clients, I will email your final Closing Statement in the first quarter of the year following your real estate transaction, required for tax purposes. This level of customer service is unparalleled.


  • DocuSign is a complete contract execution service. It provides an easy, fast way to send documents via email for signatures.  With DocuSign, you will be able to electronically sign documents, saving valuable time and resources. It is a program which provides secure encryption so documents can be read and signed only by designated users, and unique signatures that are created by each user, accessible only to that user, and stored securely online. It is a fabulous, green alternative, and you will love how effortless the transactional process can be with DocuSign.


  • What happens when your agent gets sick or goes on vacation? Who looks after you? Many real estate agents work independently and if something unexpected comes up you may be left on your own. You will be better served in your transaction when your agent has prepared for unexpected leaves. At times when I may be unavailable, I always entrust my clients with a valued colleague of mine so that you are neither without representation nor without service. My teamwork with an excellent colleague ensures you will always be in good hands.