El Cerrito

Neighborhoods in El Cerrito feature a mix of charming older bungalows with modern mid-century gems, many on large parcels with fabulous outdoor yard space. Variations in neighborhoods showcase tree lines streets in the flats to winding roads in the hills, of which the latter exudes some of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge in all of the East Bay. The natural hillside area offers amazing hiking trails and incredible vistas. Recently renovated community center and swimming pool, El Cerrito Plaza, new “green” City Hall, and new high school and Harding elementary buildings have drastically increased the city’s appeal. As a kid I learned to swim at the El Cerrito pool, and enjoyed many summers swimming with family and friends. Love fresh, organic produce? Stop by the Plaza’s bi-weekly farmers market or acclaimed Natural Grocery. Grab a cup of Peet’s coffee with an olaliberry scone from popular Fat Apple’s Bakery. Enjoy a night out at the retro, 1930’s era Cerrito Movie Theater complete with a restaurant and bar, and sofas and tables inside the theater, or catch a live show at the Contra Costa Civic Theater. Parks and recreation are abundant, and transportation is a cinch with two BART stations, several bus lines across the bay, and nearby freeway access.