Leslie C. (11/9/2010)


Grace Bishop was the best referral I have ever received! She performed and delivered above and beyond all my expectations.

I was a first time buyer with little knowledge of how the real estate industry truly worked and my time and flexibility to traverse through this unknown world was limited by my profession. Grace was focused, knowledgeable and able to point me in the direction of what I needed to do to educate myself as well as was accommodating, patient and kept her word as to what she could do for me.

Buying a house is a complex endeavor that triggers many emotions, engulfs a good portion of your life and can be overwhelming. Grace can break it down to digestible pieces. Her immense knowledge of the East  Bay Real Estate Market, neighborhoods and referrals to quality professionals whose assistance you may need during the buying process or 5 years later are invaluable. Her experience helps you to become a stronger contender for your dream home as she can advise you in bidding, negotiations and be an objective person to help you navigate any situations that arise during the process. Further Grace takes the time  to get to know you and what you want from a house as well as how much you want to spend. She values your time, won’t waste it and is constantly looking for that “house” for you. Her expertise offers you more than less experienced eyes could see of a house”s potential or pitfall.

Once you have Grace as a real estate agent, you have her as a friend and resource for life. Five years later and I still go to Grace first with questions, to seek referrals etc. for anything that has to do with my house. She always has the time, an answer or referral waiting for me.  If for some reason she doesn’t hold the answer she knows someone who will. As I explore my next housing options, the one thing I know for sure is that I will choose Grace Bishop to be my agent.

Leslie C.

Oakland, CA