K. K. 9/22/2011


I’m a first time home buyer. My partner and I were looking for a home that would give our son priority for a good elementary school in the Oakland options process. Whenever we would talk to Grace about a house we were interested, she was very informed. She knew something about all the houses we were interested in and knew the neighborhoods were interested in in great detail.

One thing that really impressed me about Grace was that when we had settled on a house to make an offer she checked in with me to make sure that I was happy about the house even though it didn’t have some of the things that I had initially said that I wanted. This showed me that (1) she had actually listened to me when I was talking about what I wanted from a house and cared enough to remember what I said and (2) that she was more concerned about my being satisfied with my purchase than her earning a quick commission.

While both Grace’s integrity and detailed knowledge of what was actually on the market were impressive, where she really shone was once we made an offer. She explained the whole escrow process to me from beginning to end. She helped us figure out what sort of offer to make and helped us negotiate with very difficult sellers. She talked me down, whenever I worked myself up into a tizzy. We ended up getting the house for significantly less than it listed for, largely because of Grace.

K. K.

Oakland, CA