Jay M. 11/23/2011


I want to offer this recommendation for Grace Bishop from the perspective of a home inspector who often works with Grace. Early in my career I purchased a franchise that marketed to real estate agents in a way that was suggestive that their home inspectors would be light on their comments by writing reports “In the right perspective”. Several legal fees later, I severed my association with that franchise and that experience galvanized the idea that I will only develop relationships with clients who will spend the time and money to receive a thorough inspection. I also was resolved to develop relationships with real estate agents who take the inspection seriously instead of just going through the motions to only cover themselves. I knew by reputation that Grace was the right kind of agent and that was confirmed quickly when I started working with her. Luckily I work in a geographic location where I believe there are more agents like Grace than any other part of the country. Recently I dealt with out of town agents who did not share Grace’s professionalism and respect for what I do. I kept thinking, “I wish these guys were like Grace.” Grace respects my time, prepares clients to respect my cancellation fee, and always supports my method. I believe that her respect for her team members in addition to her devotion to her clients is what sets her apart.

Jay M.

Berkley, CA