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m0i, 2rg, 92, h, yh, hb, j, Victor Balta 7/29/2013 | East Bay Real Estate, Berkeley Homes, El Cerrito Investment Property - Grace Bishop

Victor Balta 7/29/2013


Probably the best thing I can say about Grace is that she makes me wish I was either buying or selling a house all the time. Before moving back to Northern California, we’d had our share of experiences with Realtors who were solid, very good and not very effective. Grace raised the bar tremendously, starting when we first relocated from Philadelphia to Oakland in 2011.

First some background: Redfin was all the rage in 2011 when we were looking to move back to California, and I figured we could use it to buy our house and skip the standard Realtor fees. Fortunately, a Bay Area architect who came to look at a place with me because we had some hopes of expanding or adding on to a smaller house suggested that we get in touch with Grace. It was the best phone call we ever made. The process of buying a place from 3,000 miles away was made so easy by Grace’s expertise, calmness under pressure and willingness to do whatever was needed to make sure our deal was done — including staying up with us on the phone until 11 p.m. (Pacific time) to work out some kinks with our mortgage broker on a tight deadline.

When it came time to sell because my job relocated us back to the east coast just two years later, there was never any doubt about who would be our Realtor. Now, we were certainly not selling the most expensive house among Grace’s listings, but you’d never know it by the service. Grace was attentive, great with communication, realistic about what we should expect and very clear about what our strategy would be. She also made sure we stayed on top of the things we needed to do.

In short, Grace is awesome and assuming our next purchase or sale is not in the Bay Area, we’ll be thankful to find a Realtor who is even half as good.

Victor Balta

New York, NY