Randy Farmer (09-13-14)

In August of 2014, we worked with Red Oak Realty to find our new home in Rockridge. We interviewed a dozen firms, with Red Oak making the final cut-of-two. They won out because of their team-approach to working with their clients.

We’ve got Art “Voice of Experience” White — the manager and the guy with all the deep experience in the industry. He was able to help calm our nerves about the very jumpy market, and seemingly odd behavior we’d seem from selling agents.

Then there was Kim “Dash” Markison, who did all the legwork, taking the time to quickly learn exactly what we were looking for and showing us around the candidates. Then, walking us through the disclosures and other details.

Lastly, was Grace “The Closer” Bishop — the agent that everyone knows gets the deal done. She worked with the seller to get our bullet-proof-but-not-highest offer a fair hearing, and eventually to close!

Red Oak lead us quickly to a Win-Win-Win transaction in a crazy market!

~ Randy F., buyer