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qi, h, r, vrk, 7q, pnp, g, 2016 December | East Bay Real Estate, Berkeley Homes, El Cerrito Investment Property - Grace Bishop

Junan Pang, Oakland – 12/4/16

So informative, so patient, and not pushy at all. We really felt that you had our best interests in mind. It was also great because Grace & Kim really knew the area, realtors and various vendors/contractors.
— Junan Pang, Oakland

Shanna Pang, Oakland – 11/30/16

Our agents were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and I felt as if they really looked out for what was best for us throughout the entire experience. We never felt pressured to move forward with anything we weren’t excited about, or to offer more than we were comfortable with for a property. We would definitely work with Grace and Kim in the future!
— Shanna Pang, Oakland