Ken Carroll & Carlos Zorrilla, Berkeley – 5/24/17

From start to finish, Grace set us up for success.

We came from San Francisco and had no knowledge of buying a house in Berkeley. Grace and Kim showed us neighborhoods and shared their vast knowledge of the community and the requirements of purchasing a home in Berkeley.

When Grace learned that we loved a particular home, she immediately contacted the seller’s agent and asked our questions. As we had additional questions, she would promptly follow-up with the sellers agent again. From Grace’s perspective, all of this was valuable, as it demonstrated to the seller our bona fide interest in and seriousness about the home from the beginning. It also ensured we had the information we needed prior to making an offer.

Grace and Kim were always two steps ahead regarding necessary documentation. In addition to sending
us everything we needed to sign, they comprehensively explained to us in plain English the purpose of all
of the documents. Their attention to detail was top notch and far exceeded agents we had worked with in the past.

Perhaps what impressed us most was how Grace called upon the professional contacts and relationships she has built over the years to our benefit. For example, prior to making an offer, we had questions about the earthquake and flood zone maps that were in the disclosures. Grace immediately connected us to a local earthquake engineer she has known for years. He helped us decipher the exact location of the earthquake fault and flood zones in relation to the house.

Grace suggested that we accompany our offer with a letter explaining our affinity for the house. Our offer amount was the same as another bid. But the seller chose us; our early engagement and letter to the seller gave us the edge.

Grace warned us at the beginning that we would likely need to make a few offers prior to getting a contract on a home. In actuality, when working with Grace, we were able to get the home of our dreams on our first offer. Perhaps this was luck. We, however, attribute our quick success to Grace’s stellar representation.
— Ken Carroll & Carlos Zorrilla, Berkeley