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r, mq, p, tp4, j, 36, Patty Holbert, Berkeley — 6/28/18 | East Bay Real Estate, Berkeley Homes, El Cerrito Investment Property - Grace Bishop

Patty Holbert, Berkeley — 6/28/18

Grace has helped members of our family buy three homes and sell one over the past eleven years. Recently she advised my son as he searched for a home in Oakland and Berkeley. Grace assisted him in evaluating properties, accurately estimating the price that would be necessary to compete for a given property. Her suggestions were spot on in writing a winning bid, and she and her assistant Kim helped my son navigate escrow and meet all deadlines in a timely fashion. Since the sale, they have remained available to answer questions and recommend contractors to perform repairs. Grace is experienced, dedicated, friendly, and kind. Kim is also a professional, and they make a great team. In this competitive and rapidly unfolding market, they provide guidance and nuanced judgment that is invaluable.

— Patty Holbert, Berkeley