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  • NAR is fighting a losing battle against the feds
    Now is the time to unwind the messy set of industry practices at the crux of this fight and bring transparency, fairness and clarity to real estate transactions.
  • 5 ways agents can help financially challenged homeowners
    High costs, high taxes and high inflation hit homeowners in all price ranges, but the situation is especially hard on those with fixed or limited sources of income. Here are a few ways you can help distressed homeowners stay in their homes.
  • Had a dust-up? How to work your way through conflict effectively
    Understanding the basics of communication styles might mitigate conflicts, but it won't eliminate them. When faced with a colleague or client conflict, here’s how to keep the conversation professional, productive and constructive — and move it forward.
  • The roadmap to creating a complete digital marketing plan
    Marketing, branding and social media play vital — and ever-changing — roles in growing your business. Learn best practices from the best in the industry to grow your personal brand, market your listings in innovative ways and creatively keep in touch with your clients.