Why Work With Grace?

Your Business Partner

IMPORTANT POINTS TO CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING A LOCAL REALTOR Whether you are buying or selling, the REALTOR® you select may be your most important decision.After all, you’re choosing a business partner! No matter who you decide on, consider these critical points.


  • You might be surprised to discover how many East Bay real estate agents only work part-time or have other jobs. And well over half quit the business within their first year! I’ve been a full time Realtor since 1998 and a consistent Top Producer since 2004. If you want your home sale or purchase to be a top priority, don’t gamble on a part-time agent or someone who lacks a long, successful track record for buying and selling local real estate.


  • Sure, the bottom line is getting the right price for your home. But if you don’t have a good relationship with your agent, can you be sure they have your best interests in mind? I strive to build trust and rapport with each client I serve. If you don’t feel your real estate salesperson is available when you have questions or if you don’t feel comfortable with him or her, you have the wrong agent.


  • Not all real estate salespeople are REALTORS®. This designation indicates completion of advanced training, experience and adherence to professional codes of conduct. I’ve had my real estate salesperson license since my career began in 1998 and I’m a member of the National, California, and Berkeley Associations of Realtors.


  • Your Realtor should show you research to back up any recommendations. This includes information about recent sales and current activity in your neighborhood. My clients see spreadsheets, graphs, and calculations that clearly demonstrate trending directions in the marketplace.


  • Even if you’re relocating and currently live outside of the East Bay, choose a local REALTOR® with real experience. This market is very popular now, but it’s also very specific. Chances are any amount you might save by having a friend or relative from outside the area serve as your representative will be lost in their lack of knowledge and connections with the area’s key players. My local knowledge and intimate understanding of our micro-neighborhoods as well as established reputation in the local real estate community are imperative to your success in buying or selling.


  • Always ask your potential agent how she or he gets most business. The answer you’re looking for – Referrals. Just as with doctors, lawyers and financial professionals, the success of a REALTOR® is built on positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Nearly 100% of my business is by word of mouth recommendations. Check out what past clients have said about their experience with me on Yelp and Berkeley Parents Network. I’m happy to provide you with references and names of previous clients.


  • You should have a clear understanding of everything a REALTOR® will do to market the home you’re selling or help you find the perfect home. With current listings in the area, I consistently tour active inventory. I am an agent who will tell you what I know from experience in the market, not what I think you want to hear. Flattery may sometimes get the listing, but it doesn’t sell the home.


  • How many homes has your potential agent sold or helped clients purchase? Again, you’re looking for experience in this very specific market and you’re interested in real numbers to indicate experience and skill.  For most of my career I have averaged close to 20 transactions per year, all within a few miles of my office in Berkeley.  I’m happy to provide you with a list of homes I’ve sold in your neighborhood.


  • Savvy East Bay residents and residents-to-be are accustomed to having every means of information at their disposal. Fortunately, today’s technology offers many more ways to remain “in the loop” when it comes to your real estate transaction.  I am technically experienced and use the latest software to make your transaction as smooth and paperless as possible. Once in escrow, you will be given a password to enter into my online transaction management system to access important details, deadlines, and documents pertaining to the agreement.